The selection of winners will be carried out by a qualified panel of judges appointed by Bank of Ceylon. All drawings uploaded to will be shortlisted by the judge panel. The shortlisted candidates in each category will be called upon to a pre-decided venue for a live competition.

Terms and Conditions:

Only the entries which are uploaded to will be accepted.

The most popular drawing will be determined by the highest number of likes on the participants drawing that will be uploaded on to

All the updates regarding the competition will be communicated only through ‘Bank of Ceylon’ Facebook page.

The last day of accepting entries will be 10th September 2020.

All participants should have liked the ‘Bank of Ceylon’ Facebook page for their entries to be valid.

Only one drawing will be allowed to be uploaded per Facebook profile.

Paper size – A3, A4 or 18” X 14”

Paper – White- Mat drawing paper

Colours – Pastel/ water colours/ poster colours/ any medium which won’t smear on touch

Name & birthday of the artist should appear in the top left corner of the drawing.